The #1 workforce management solution for delivery companies

Onboard 1099 workers compliantly, automate back office work and scale your fleet - all in one place

Manage the systems you already use all from one place, with integrations & automations
Set your document requirements, collect them easily from workers, extract data with technology
Verify Flow in GigSafe
Automatically (and continuously) stay in compliance. No more manual processes. No more human error
Comply Flow in GigSafe
The right insurance offerings for you, tailor-made for the 1099 workforce
Insure Flow in GigSafe
Payment API - multiple ways to pay your team, automate deductions to power your business
Pay Flow in GigSafe

What sets GigSafe Apart

A modern 3rd party administrator, powered by technology.

A smarter way to scale your operations

Automate routine tasks and simplify your workflow through integrations with the tools your organization already uses.

GigSafe Dashboard
Onboarding Flow Screen on GigSafe
Get Started Screen on GigSafe

A seamless, modern onboarding experience

Get recruited candidates over-the-line and working with a best-in-class experience ready out of the box.

Super-power your existing team

Grow without hiring - offload the mundane tasks to us.

A group of people standing around a purple arrow.
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Create automations
Team Icon
Built for ops teams
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AI document scan
Flow Icon
Set custom flows

Growing a business is hard.

With GigSafe you can focus on what's important - running your business.

Offload the rest to us.

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We know gig work.

We’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of gig workers, offering them solutions to better manage their work.

We’ve onboarded tens of thousands of drivers into our partners’ systems.

We’ve built & managed driver payments & benefits. We’ve launched and scaled a DSP.

Through this we learned that there had to be a better way to grow and run your gig workforce.

So we created it.


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